Draft Models Report

Below is a report describing the Draft Models that were developed from stakeholder feedback and research in Phase 1 of the project:

  • Draft Models Report (24 pages + 3 page attachment).  This is the main version, including stakeholder views from Phase 1, international models, development of the Draft Models and more.
  • Draft Models – Short Version (12 pages + 3 page attachment).  This is NOT a summary of the main report, but rather an excerpt. The sections included are the draft models and related information for the purposes of stakeholder feedback in Phase 2 (survey and workshops).  This version does not tell the full story about the development of the models.

These reports were published on 21st July.


The following appendices provide more detail on the Phase 1 work:

  1. Appendix 1. Survey Report
  2. Appendix 2. Survey Questions
  3. Appendix 3. Focus Group Report
  4. Appendix 4. International Models Research

We have also attached the Draft Models – Interim Report (about 50 pages, dated 2 July).  This document is a longer working document from which we created the Draft Models report above.  It includes more analysis, quotes and information than included in the Draft Models report, but is also superseded by the version above.

File Sizes

The largest file on this page is 2.7MB (Draft Models Report).  The Short Version is 1.8M; the Interim Report is 2.2MB and the International Models Research is 2.5MB.  The other files listed are less than 1MB.